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  Hello Gorgeous
I am Brandy, & I am SO freakin happy you are here!! 
15 years ago I started a journey that I thought was just starting a family that turned into cleaning up our home and bodies and so
 much more. I had been down the road of network marketing and my mindset on the whole thing really stunk. 
So, I made up my mind that I was just gonna use the products, clean up our home and keep my future family healthy. 

The road started when we started trying to start our family. Many tries, and tears and doctor appointments led me to believe
 that our world is full of so many toxic products and foods, no wonder
 couples have such a hard time conceiving. I cleaned up my diet and some products I was using and 
within a year, we had conceived a beautiful baby boy and 2 years later we had a beautiful baby girl.
 Then in 2011 I was introduced to Young Living, became a brand partner, thinking I was just going to use the product.

 In 2012 we had our last baby boy, and I had packed on the pounds, just like with my 
2 other pregnancies'. I started switching out my personal care products and household products for these
 clean and pristine products from YL and I noticed that I was feeling way better than I had even 
felt before my 1st baby. We were not sick all winter long, like before using these products.

 It was a miracle! 

In 2013, I went back to work as a Massage Therapist after taking a little hiatus from the public scene. That's when it hit me,
 I could not only use these products to keep my family healthy,
 but other's needed to know about these products too, but I had a lot to do in the aspect of working on myself. 
I didn't want to be salesy. I didn't want to be pushy, and I had a little (or a lot) of personal 
things I needed to work on 1st. I attended seminars and company events. I did the hard work of working on me because
 I desired to help others. From a very young age I had always felt this push to help 
others be better, love themselves and find their voices. In the process of working on me, I found my voice, I rediscover
 my passion for helping people, not only feel better physically, but mentally as well.

Mindset can and will break you if you are not careful.

 What we think about every minute of every day
 will manifest into that, what we think about. 

Change your mindset and change your world. 

You can join me and change the world too, 

But,  1st let's work on you!

Life is made up of many choices.
Sometimes we are forced to make a decision and sometimes, the decision is made for us. Then there are times we just jump! JUMP! 
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Due to the nature of what I sell and create there are no refunds.
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