What you think about will manifest into your reality. Be very aware of your thoughts you think and the words you speak.


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A Little About Me
Founder of The Infuzed Life and an International Best-Selling Author, Brandy is also a mother to 3 amazing children and wife to a volunteer fireman of 18+ years. Over the last 10 years, Brandy has gone from hiding in the shadows, worried about what others might think, to finding her voice and in turn she is guiding others towards discovering theirs.
With a passion from a very young age to help those with life’s challenges, Brandy has created a mindset that has helped her breakthrough past paradigms, so that she may passionately stand for you. She calls forth a great desire for change in your life so that you may create the life you desire to live. Asking the hard questions that compel you to really dig deep and discover who you really are. Brandy creates a safe and open space for you to explore your intentions and clear obstacles to create the life you choose for yourself and not what other’s may have pressed upon you. Brandy’s purpose is to create an authentic life that will impact thousands of lives. Life isn’t made to be lived in survival mode. Life is to thrive with purpose. Are you living in survival mode or are you thriving?

 Live a Life You Love 
Mindset Coach  *  Massage Therapist  *  Best-Selling International Author * Freedom Fighter

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