The Journey isn't always easy...

Relationships can be so hard, and so rewarding and so annoying and so FUN. 

What do you mean Brandy?

Well, I mean, when things are going good, they are going good, everyone is getting along and you agree on things. Easy Peasy.  Then there are times when something comes up that can send the relationship into a tail spin. You don't agree on how to handle a situation, or you desire for that person to grow with you and you are not seeing it. As an example, say you are improving your mindset, you have done the hard work and feel like you are cruising right along and then SMACK, you get broadsided by a little annoyance with your mother, or your brother or your significant other, and you just can't shake it.

You ask yourself,; Why can't they change? What can I do to help them see that growing will improve your relationship? Why must this always be a fight? You say something to them and all it does is cause an argument. 

The truth is, They are not ready for the change or they just don't see a problem with what you see. You want them to grow with you, but they are not going to until they make the decision to change. Why, because change is uncomfortable. While for you staying the same feels uncomfortable, for them it's uncomfortable to reach outside of their comfort zone.

I get it, it's so frustrating. Here's the deal though, you keep growing, keep doing what you are doing. Don't let someone else's lack of personal growth slow down your momentum. They will eventually see that growth isn't that scary or uncomfortable or maybe not. This is what you must realize. No matter how fast or slow you go, that is your journey, and their's is their's. We want to help people be the best they can possibly be. At least that's what I am so passionate about. Personal growth has literally changed the trajectory of my life. My hubby and I don't always agree on things and that can cause some pretty rough waters in our relationship. What I do know is that no matter how much I grow, he will always be there to support me and love me. Does it still bother me that he isn't on the same journey, sure. Deep down I know that as I am on my own path, so is he and maybe, just maybe some day he will be there too. The journey isn't always easy, but it sure is worth it.